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CHAMP PEST CONTROL has designed and implemented the Integrated Pest Management program for our customers, i.e., Commercial and Residential. The program eliminates the breakdown in communication and enhances an effective Pest program. By utilizing this approach, it enhances the safety of all employees and tenant environment and consequently eliminates the annoyances that pests contribute to your place. There are thousands of dollars lost yearly due to damaged products, clothing, food, electrical shortages in computers, alarm systems, and physical discomforts and problems from bites (fleas, etc.) A thorough Pest Control program can control, or eliminate, the above problems. 

CHAMP PEST CONTROL utilizes the most up to date technology and application techniques of our industry.  We use Pharmone traps that have been tested and proven effective by our company. Therefore, we are confident of results and our programs. We have implemented a Green program using EcoSmart Technology products. The use of these products are environmentally friendly and are a low-impact Pest Management service. All of our Pest Control programs are designed for the protection of employees, tenants, visitors, customers and to protect the safety and welfare of all, including animals.